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We're a launch studio that works with 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs helping them launch courses and digital products and add scalable revenue streams to their businesses. Our approach to launches is simple, we look at what opportunities are available to your business, and what constraints you're facing (like a tiny list, or no budget for ads) and we create a custom strategy designed to get you maximum ROI with minimum time and capital investment. 

This app is designed to help you do the same!


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Don't know where to start when it comes to launch planning?

Never stare at a blank page again. 

Create a basic launch strategy in seconds. Plug in your sales goals, list size and more to get in-app suggestions

Auto-populate your task list with the most common tasks associated with the launch type you're planning

Add your own tasks to your checklist, add in deadlines, and watch them show up on your launch calendar

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Don't know where to start with planning your next launch?

Never stare at a blank page again.