The rules of online business have changed. 

With a recession looming overhead, your clients are watching their spend closer than ever. Stir in murky analytics (thanks, iOS14), oversaturated marketplaces, and frankly, it’s no wonder you’re feeling the pressure to knock your next launch out of the park.

But you probably don’t want to fork out $20K for a launch strategist.

Plug-and-play templates and cobbling copy together might’ve cut it in the past, but you need to bring in the big guns this year. (Because, let’s face it, ChatGPT doesn’t pack the punch you’re after.)


The Ultimate Guide to Data-Driven Digital Product Launches

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Eman Zabi

Eman Zabi has been writing ever since she was old enough to hold a pen. At 22, she launched her first venture, the Scribesmith. Since then, the Scribesmith has gone on to become a trusted partner for names like Stanford University, Netflix, and MeetUp. Their mission is to empower online educators by providing expert launch and funnel strategies, paving the path for scalable online businesses.

When it comes to marketing, Eman and her team at the Scribesmith refuse to settle for dry, jargon-filled content. Recognizing that conversion optimization is an ongoing process, they  are committed partners who  consistently iterate, refine, and test every aspect of the funnel to unlock its full potential.

Eman currently lives in Dublin, Ireland. When she’s not working she takes impromptu trips to explore the Irish countryside. 

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